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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 12 May 2008 01:42

Content Management System (CMS)

Freedom to run your own website is what a great Content Management System (CMS) will allow. Even if you have no technical knowledge you will still be able to edit, create, and update your website.

Once your site is using a Content Management System you will be able to make edits or changes to your website from anywhere at any time. No longer will you be tied to the server to do that work. Once a CMS is in place, those who need access to the site can be give a username and password that will allow them access to make direct changes to the website. You can also set up the accounts so that different employees are given different levels of access. This will keep sensitive data hidden from those who don’t need to see it.


content managment system


While there are commercial products on the market, they always fall short of what businesses really need for a complete CMS. We know how to create a CMS that has all the features you need to make your website easy to access and work on, and can be customized to your company’s needs.

Below are some of the features of our Content Management System:

Complete Website Management

Once you put a Nola Group Inc. professional content management system in place, you will have the freedom to manage all aspects of your website through a singular interface. This means whether you need to edit and update the site, manage systems, or even create new sections, you can do it all through our CMS. It also allows multi-user support which means those who have various roles to play in your website can all be given access to the areas they need.

Always Available

Keeping your website on top of things should not be a frustrating proposition. In many industries, there may be changes that need to be made to the site after traditional work hours. With a Content Management System, many members of your staff can now have access to your site from at work, at home or even on the road. 


Nola Group Inc. knows that not everyone needs the same amount of access to the inner workings of your website. For that reason we can set up a Content Management System that will offer different levels of access to administrators, developers and other employees, letting those people only access what they need to. While there are some commercial Content Management Systems available, we can create a custom system that will suit all the needs of your company, instead of your company having to adjust to what is on the market. 

Saving Time and Money

Once you have one of our content management systems in place you will know that no longer do you need to have an expensive web developer on call and wait for them to fix problems, you can do it yourself, saving crucial time and money for your company.

Ease of Use

The use of our content management system is as simple as point and click.



Last Updated ( Saturday, 13 September 2008 01:39 )